Research on the views of parents, teachers and school principals on the quality of education in Serbia

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NARNS parents and teachers,
together for a better future for all children

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Podrška deci za napredovanje kroz obrazovanje
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

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Dijalog promena
Od igre do knjige - doprinos uspešnoj tranziciji iz predškolske ustanove u osnovnu školu

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Through association, we strengthen cooperation and partnership between parents and teachers, raising awareness about their roles and power to change and create more quality and available education, tailor-made education for children, so as to create a responsible society.

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Ivana Branković, Mother, Zrenjanin

"Through my own example and taking responsibility, I wanted to motivate other parents, to show that cooperation is possible, that parents and teachers are not opposite sides. Together we work on cherishing the culture of dialogue and parent-teacher cooperation, and we are successfully included into educational processes at all levels. "

Elvira Stefanović, Pedagogue, Novi Sad

"I deem that parents are important associates, a resource for an educational institution. However, they are not so commonly present. I deem that only when school opens its doors to parents and embraces them as an important source of support, but also of knowledge, skills and ideas, the institution gains an added value. The institutions that realised that a parent is an associate have experienced an incredible transformation and this is visible in every segment of their work. On the other hand, children feel safer since two pillars of their development, family and institution, regardless of whether we are talking about school or kindergarten, function in a harmonised manner. "

Zilha Krlić, Schoolteacher, Novi Pazar

"What motivated me to become a part of the #NARNSeducation was a real opportunity to give my contribution from two different roles, a role of a teacher and role of a parent, to improve mutual cooperation and promote educational and upbringing process. We were persistent and assertive in our idea to establish NARNS, a small team of parents and teachers implemented different activities. Examples of our good practice were a support to others and motivation for them to join us. By doing so, we extended the network of school clubs. We are recognised in the local community and receive support therefrom. "

Suzana Skenderović, Mother, Subotica

"With my experience, gained through life and work of the City Association for the Support to Persons with Autism in Subotica, I joined the NARNS, where I feel accepted, powerful and appreciated. Activities, initiatives and projects implemented by the NARNS motivate me to get actively involved in their work, but also to contribute with the knowledge and experience of a parent. The values advocated by the NARNS pertain to all children and by joining our forces, we promote inclusion and rights on education for all children. "

Sanja Mirković, Kindergarten teacher, Čačak

"In this Association, I discovered some things that I had not been aware of before, although I had a lot of experience in working with vocational professional associations. I have discovered for the first time how important resource is to have people in one team focused on achieving the very same goal, and those people come from totally different professional backgrounds, with different view to problems, and have totally different way to reach a solution. "

Senka Čiča, Defectologist, Zrenjanin

"I have joined the NARNS to become a better defectologist and better parent as well. For me, the NARNS is an opportunity. The campaign of public advocacy on the transition was an opportunity for me for the social inclusion. Serbia is an inclusive country in papers, but in practice there are ever emerging challenges. The campaign succeeded in gathering the main stakeholders in education of pre-school and primary school children, and to give them the opportunity to cooperate. They have accepted it, and we have established a working group. The campaign is only the zero step, the tip of the iceberg. If we manage to melt it, we will have a lot of satisfied children, parents and professionals. "